WIAW: I Travel With Food

I’m so excited the week is half way over.  I’m still struggling… need. more. sleep!

Today I thought I would share with you all how I travel.  I could show you my countless pictures of Blend food, but we will save that for the recap. :)  Coming soon.. promise.

I would have my recaps up but there is something called a day job that has been keeping me away.  Y’all know how that can be.  Right?

Anywho, because I’m gluten and dairy free it can be a wee bit difficult to eat in most airports.  Since I was flying out of Louisville into Midway in Chicago, I knew there wouldn’t be many options for eating at the airport.  My solution… take food!

For breakfast, I made a double batch of my Carob Coconut Muffin and topped it with nut butter and fruit.  Since I left at 4am, I wasn’t too hungry until later.

2013 05 17 07 35 14

When I got to Louisville airport, I immediately went to Starbucks and ordered a hot green tea.

2013 05 17 06 29 30

The tea bags are so strong that I got extra hot water on my flight and refilled my tea!  I got my money’s worth out of that for sure!

2013 05 17 09 21 05

At Midway, I ate my breakfast along with a banana.

For some reason when I travel, I lose my appetite.  I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 1pmEST, which was when I landed in Salt Lake City.  Perfect timing.

I had packed leftover Quinoa Salad, a boiled egg, chopped veggies, hummus, and fruit.

2013 05 17 11 15 21

Plus, I knew that we had snacks at Blend for when we got there!

On the way back from Blend, I had already eaten a HUGE breakfast from Chobani.  They always outdo themselves.

My flight wasn’t until 4pmMST or 6pm here, which is dinner time.  I snacked before we left the hotel on a Vega bar thanks to Heather.

On the way to the airport, Candice took Meg and me to Whole Foods to get the salad bar.

2013 05 19 16 26 46

Hit. The. Spot!

All my toppings fell to the bottom though…. don’t you hate when that happens??

It fit perfectly into my backpack.  I’ll remember this from now on!

At Midway, my flight was delayed home.  Good thing I had more snacks.

2013 05 19 21 12 46 1

I had veggies from Lindsay with hummus and another Vega bar.  I stinking love Vega!

2013 05 19 21 32 20

I also dug out a banana and my Justin’s Nut Butter from my Kona Kase.  Perfect right?

2013 05 19 21 39 08 2

For dessert, I had Lindsay’s Healthy Bites in Mint Chocolate Chip.  To. Die. For.

I will be getting more for sure!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday friends!  Make sure you head over to Jenn’s for more good food!

How do you eat when you travel?

What is your favorite travel snack or meal?

What good things have you been eating lately?


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    Ah, thank goodness for snacks when flights are delayed. I pack really annoying. When I went to the states back in march, I actually brought along some pancakes & had a full out breakfast on the plane with apples, nut butter, and syrup! Ha Ha :0

  2. says

    I love how prepared you are when you travel! I always bring a couple of those Justin’s packs when I travel too. They are so convenient to pack.

  3. says

    I always lose my appetite, too, despite packing TONS of snacks. This results in me wanting to gnaw my arm off when I finally get home. [I definitely ate almost the exact same things you did on the return trip, including a Muddy Buddy Mocha Healthy Bite that pretty much made my life. :)]

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    I always, always travel with snacks. Not only because my allergies make it annoying to try and find food when I’m out, but because I like to be prepared in case emergencies arise and I get stuck somewhere or can’t find anything good to eat. There’s nothing worse than being hungry, and cranky, and tired, so in order to save people from experiencing me that way, I keep the monster at bay and come prepared. Favorites? Trail mixes, bars, fruit, sandwiches, cheese strings, and pretzels or crackers.

    Happy Wednesday, girlie!

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    I can’t travel without packing some snacks! I love almonds, dried cranberries, carrots, larabars, stuff like that. Also, my face literally lights up whenever I see a starbucks at an airport (well, it pretty much lights up anytime i see a starbucks, but ESPECIALLY when traveling) have a great wednesday :)

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    I ALWAYS travel with food. I figure I’d rather be over prepared than disappointed (and/or hangry) if there is a lack of good food options. So, I brought carrot and celery sticks, snack/protein bars, pistachios, an apple and an orange to the airport. In my purse, I carry a small baggie of pistachios and/or almonds and a small tin of dark chocolate at all times. :)

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    I always bring food with me when I travel! I usually always have a lot of snacks on my but my new 11+ hour job is quickly teaching me that I need to pack even more snacks. And more chocolate!

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    we should compare allergens. :) bananas and quinoa are definitely on my list. between the two of us, i bet there is nothing that’s left untouched!

    glad i got to see your beautiful face (and hear your adorable voice) this weekend!

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    I know all about that big, bad day job problem. Would that I could blog and write full-time. And when I sat down to write my WIAW Blend recap, it took nearly 3 hours … yikes!

    I loved Lindsay’s paleo lemon cream Healthy Bites — but I wish I’d gotten the mint chocolate chip ones instead. Everyone’s raving about those. Guess I’ll have to order some.

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    we used to pack a lot of travel foods, we have been bad lately and have gotten lazy in doing it! we need to get back into that when we travel as it is always so nice to have foods to eat that you know your body likes :)

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    Dude! They let you on the plane with that hummus?! They took my tub and it was SEALED!! I think they had it out for me though because I forgot I had those little green juices from Blue Print in my bag…they took everything! :( Luckily I managed to tuck a banana, some carrots, and a few rice cakes in my bag otherwise I would have been gnawing on Tess’s arm on the way home! Lol

    From now on, I won’t even TRY with the semi-liquid snacks…just gonna stick to fresh veggies, portable fruit, and bars! Nothing like getting a friend Utah pat down from a fifty year old TSA employee in the middle of the airport! Bah!

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    Yum! You sure know how to travel healthy! I always pack bars, trail mix, nut butter packets and waters when I travel. I need to remember the hard boiled egg too! Good protein snack! I just tried Healthy Bites for the first time the other day and love them! The mint chips sounds amazing!

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    Wow you are so organized. They are really strict here about bringing any fruits between the states so it makes it harder. Also anything that is soft like hummus wouldn’t be allowed. I usually just suck it up and get by. Bringing your own would be much nicer.

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