WIAW: Cincinnati Eats

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

I’m so excited to share my Cincinnati eats with you all.  As I told you all Monday, I’m having to make it a separate post otherwise you all would still be reading Monday’s post!


We went to First Watch since it has a gluten free menu!

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2013 08 10 10 19 44

Egg scramble over toast, potatoes (I ate half!), and fruit.


2013 08 10 10 19 36

Egg white omelet with peppers, mushrooms, onion, and tomatoes topped with avocado and salsa, fruit, and half of Luvy’s potatoes.

Luvy and I still want to find a local spot for breakfast.



2013 08 10 15 27 45

We always eat Chipotle for lunch.  Plus, it is right next to the outlets!

Tip:  Always ask for guac on the side… they give you more!  :)


Our favorite dinner spot in Cincinnati is Green Papaya.  We eat there every time we go to Cinci.

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We always share the Classic Hot Fish with steamed salmon and the Green Curry.

2013 08 09 18 38 11

2013 08 09 18 38 03

Next visit, I’m taking Holly there.  I still can’t believe she hasn’t been there before!

Make sure you all head over to Jenn’s to catch up on what everyone else in the blog world is eating!

What is your favorite meal to eat out? I’m tied for breakfast and dinner.

What is the best thing you have eaten lately?


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    Best food I’ve eaten lately… I’d have to say my quest bar pancakes I made this morning. Definitely one of those meals where your dreading the last bite lol

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    Well, your Cincinnati eats are making me super hungry because everything looks awesome, especially breakfast!

    I would have to say that breakfast is my fav meal to eat out. I usually do simple breakfasts at home, so it’s nice to get a fancier breakfast every once in a while.

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    Yeah, we REALLY need to go to Green Papaya! And, if you’re ever in town again, there’s a new place opening up nearby called Fusian- it’s basically the Chipotle of SUSHI! I like eating out for lunch, because then I only need a bit of dinner later on in the day, AND lunch prices beat dinner prices :)

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    Chipotle for lunch! Love it 😀 Honestly, I’d have to say that lunch is probably my favourite meal to eat out, mostly because it’s my least favourite meal in general, so anything to make it more interesting is a win in my books. Now if Chipotle would just get their act together and open shop in my city!

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    My favourite meal out is definitely dinner, and for that I love any kind of ethnic food or some kind of funky/new age/vegetarian/healthy restaurant. Basically, anything that is somewhat different is my jam. I find that most breakfast places have similar stuff, which is why it’s not my favourite. However, I am always in the mood to be proven wrong!

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    I love breakfast food, but I don’t like to go out for big breakfasts. For some reason I like to eat bigger meals like that in the middle of the day…perhaps a late brunch? :)

    I definitely would have stolen some of those potatoes…and put lots of pepper and ketchup on top!

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