WIAW #35 What I’ve Been Up To

Hey friends!

The weeks are flying by.  I can’t believe it is What I Ate Wednesdayagain!!  I think I say this every week!

Yesterday, my eats look a lot different because I was able to go to the first chapel of the semester (called convocation) with Luvy.  It was extremely special, because the president of the seminary, Dr. Mohler, acknowledged him as new faculty and introduced us both to the seminary community.

There is no turning back now!!

I am so excited to start this new chapter in our lives and get to know the other faculty wives and all the students!

Several of you though that I was going for a job interview!  I would have been WAY more nervous than that!  lol.

Actually, the new partnership I have with the all-natural company I told you all about is taking up quite a bit of my free time.  While I get this under control, my blogging may be sporadic.  Now you all know my reason for my lack of commenting and responding to you all!  I am still able to read blogs, but it is hard for me to comment due to no time!

I can’t wait to get back with you all though, because I miss you all terribly!!  Okay… on to the eats.  That’s the reason you’re really here.. right?? 😉


Photo 3

Protein Buckwheat Microwave Muffin eaten in the car!  Luvy’s new car to be exact!!


Photo 7

Leftover Tarka Dhal from Ashley and Stephen at (never)homemaker.  Their recipes are the best!

This was a picture from the first night we ate it so it looked a lot better here.  There was basmati rice underneath.


Cashew Larabar on the way home from work.


Photo 5

Pasta and spaghetti squash topped with roasted veggies, sauce, spinach, and olives.

I had to meet a couple of friends about the wellness company last night, so both Luvy and I were in late!


Photo 3

Coconut Flour Microwave Muffin

This is a recycled pic because it was 10:30 by the time I got to eat it.  I wish I had remember a picture, because mine last night was much prettier and bigger!  The key to a better muffin is more egg whites.

What was the best thing you have eaten this week?

What is your favorite way to use coconut flour??  I need new ideas!!


  1. says

    It might not have been an interview for you, but it was still pretty exciting nonetheless. :) How special…and how ‘real’!

    I really want to try this coconut flour ‘bread in the microwave’ thing. I somehow missed out that it was even a ‘thing,’ but I’ve marked a few recipes to try it out at some point. I’ve also been intrigued by people using coconut flour to add texture to smoothies and such, which I find very interesting. Usually I just bake with it!

  2. says

    Starting that new chapter in your life is super exciting, Brittany! I love how supportive you are of Luvy :) And as for the coconut flour, I wish I had some advice, but I’m kind of in the same boat. I’d like to start using it more, but it’s so finicky to work with that I tend to avoid it.

  3. says

    How exciting! It brought back memories of my freshman year in college where we had convocation. Congrats to Luvy and his new journey (and new car!)

  4. says

    I can’t help but smile every time I read about a new a achievement, or surprise in you & Luvy’s life. You two just seem like such sweet people <3

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