WIAW # 31 Mending and Gearing up for the New Year

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

So, who else is dragging today??  I sure am.  I’m totally not ready to go back to work.

All the holiday eats, naps, and treats have me spoiled!

I’m so excited for the New Year, New Rules to get kickstarted.  Not because I need to eat better, I’m just so excited to learn some new things and try some new recipes.

Also, I have been indulging in a couple things that I know won’t be on the NY/NR guidelines.  Like honey!  What will I do??  😉

I’m sure I’ll survive.  :)



I’ve been having the same breakfast for weeks now.  Scrambled eggs with spinach and honey drizzled over top.  #strangebutgood

Don’t knock the honey on the eggs before you try it!


Photo 2

Emily’s Indian Lentils with Spinach and Eggplant

I had forgotten how good this was!


Photo 4

Lentil Green Curry

This stuff was addictive and delicious!  Recipe to come!



SoDelicous Coconut Kefir, Sunwarrior protein, GF brown rice cereal, banana, goji berries, Sunflower butter, pumpkin butter, hemp seeds, and a drizzle of honey.

So many things, but oh so good!

My eating has been all messed up over the holidays and I have been hibernating like a bear.  I never fully recovered from where I got sick a few weeks ago.  I still had a terrible cough and I was breaking blood vessels due to my excessive coughing.

Photo 3

I had to go back to the doctor and I’m all on kinds of medicine.  It messes with my appetite, so hopefully after I’m off all these things my appetite will be back to normal.  Plus, it will be nice to move my body again.  I had plans to exercise, but it never happened due to me still being sick.  Today is 3 weeks with no activity, and look… I’m normal (mostly anyways 😉 ).  Not exercising to let your body heal doesn’t and won’t kill you.

What good things have you been eating?

Do you have a hard time not exercising when you feel good but are still on the mend?

Anyone else participating in New Year, New Rules?


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    I’ve never had honey on eggs, but I do love them with jam or maple syrup. And I think it’s great that you’ve been giving your body some extra time to mend. You’ll be back to good in no time, and I always find that taking a break like that just helps give you that extra little kick of motivation to get back into things.

  2. says

    Girl you need to get better! You poor thing. :( Sorry you’ve been sick for so long. It’s definitely going around out here… It seems like everyone has been sick at church lately. I just developed this terrible head cold that has left me feeling super congested and stuffy. It’s definitely no fun!

  3. says

    I love those strange but good combos! I miss my eggs dearly. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear about the ongoing sickness! That is no good at all! You rest and eat up…that’s always the cure!

  4. says

    Wow, honey on eggs? I adore that unique savory/sweet combo. Reminds me of how I like maple syrup on my home fries. YUP it rocks. I have some local honey at home I’ve been looking for uses for and this seems like a good one.
    All your eats just look great. I love all the curry. I am a curry addict lately! Ate it in din last night and it’s also in today’s leftovers in my lunch salad!
    Please feel better ASAP but I’m glad that you are listening to your body and letting it rest!

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    Hope you feel better soon! Rest is definitely important when you are sick, but I also feel that if you are up to it, a short 20 minute slow-paced walk (at a mall or Target if its cold outside) can give you more energy and help you from feeling sluggish.

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    I don’t get sick often, but it’s always a battle to decide what’s best for workouts when I do. I use the above the neck rule. If the sick is all in your head – it’s okay to workout. Below? Rest! And either way, if you’re feeling run down, you’re body is telling you to let it recover! Take it easy and get well!!

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    Ugh! Got to hate those steroid inhalers! I never exercise when I’m sick, because sickness for me typically involves asthma/breathing issues. Feel better!

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    I tried sweet eggs over the holiday break and oh boy, they are a sweet surprise! A dash of cinnamon + stevia + fresh cranberries = yum :) I hope you’re feeling better girly! I’m so sick of being sick and hope that the antibiotics I started last night start working ASAP! It doesn’t help that I’m the worst patient and hate sitting around the house- I feel lazy even though I know it’s exactly what my body needs…

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    Now that is my kind of snack! [And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you put honey on your eggs. :)]

    I’m sorry you ended up sick again. I did NOT listen to my body and pushed it too hard before I was truly recovered…I ended up straight back in bed with a slight fever. It is just a struggle for me sometimes just to say, “STOP MOVING.”

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