MIMM: Who’s that Lady?

Happy Marvelous in My Monday friends!

Who’s ready to tackle Monday?  right…

Who doesn’t have a choice but to tackle Monday?  *raises hand*

I’m so thankful Katie came up with this.  It helps me to start my Mondays off with a positive outlook.

Thanks for all the well wishes on Friday.  I’m feeling 100% now.  Luvy is pretty sweet and clever with his cards.

This past weekend was super busy, but I have never felt so refreshed!  Not much time was spent relaxing, but it was marvelous.

Friday, I had my hair cut.

Photo 13

I always get so worked up, but Jill has never let me down.  If you need a salon in Louisville, J Michaels Spa and Salon is your place!

Photo 12

Jill loves to straighten my hair after she cuts it for a change.  Unless it is raining of course.  Then, all her lovely work would go out the window in 5 seconds flat.

The only time my hair is straight is when Jill does it…. so like 3 times a year.  Yes, I’m bad about getting my hair cut.

I just feel like a totally different person with straight hair.  I don’t mind how it looks.  I just don’t feel like myself.  Plus, other people don’t recognize me.  Which can be a really fun thing… :)

However, I was too lazy to wash it this weekend, so I spent the weekend as another woman.  😉

We went to Luvy’s ball game.

Photo 10

Had a dinner party with our friends Terry and Cheryl.

Photo 2

They even brought me flowers!

Photo 1

Plus we had another get together with a bunch of friends Sunday night.  All that time spent together with friends was completely refreshing, and I was in need of that!

It is amazing at how time with friends can complete rejuvenate you and help give you perspective.

I have been really bad at not taking pictures on the weekends.  However, it is nice to not be “that girl” and just live… agreed?

Sunday, it was time to transform back into my old self again.


John David’s sweet cousin told me that I favored Kelly Ripa with straight hair.

I think she is my favorite cousin.  😉  You all know I have a not so secret girl crush on Kelly.

What is marvelous in your Monday?

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. says

    Haha my hair lady always straightens my hair every time too. Except I already have fairly straight hair so it’s kind of odd, but it feels nice so I don’t make a peep! I think I like your natural hair better though. The straight is gorgeous, but I love curls!

  2. says

    Your hair looks wonderful! I love how my hair looks after the salon styles it. I get so sad when I have to wash it and attempt to do it myself, usually failing miserably.

  3. says

    Oh my GOLL! You DOOOO look like Kelly Ripa. I was looking at that picture thinking, “Wow. She really looks like a different person, but who?” Thanks for clarifying. :)

    Um. Is it weird that I just got nostalgic looking at the photos of the basketball game?

  4. says

    I LOVE yellow flowers. OK, the Kelly Ripa comment totally cracked me up. I still hope some day they have another contest or something and you get on it.

    This is SUCH a Monday! Isn’t it?

  5. says

    Such pretty hair, I looove it!
    I have a girl crush on Kelly too, she’s the cutest little thing! Love her.
    That is kind of the best compliment to ever receive :)

  6. says

    I’m totally envious of your curly hair! My stick straight hair can’t hold a curl for more than 5 minutes, no matter how much hairspray is applied 😛 But, I think your straight hair looks gorgeous too – it’s always fun to get dolled-up for a change!

  7. says

    You look absolutely gorgeous both ways, but I have to say that I’m definitely more used to seeing you with curly hair… it’s more you for sure :)

    This week I’m definitely most looking forward to my trip to Hawaii! EeeEE! 4 days and counting :mrgreen:

  8. says

    Okay my hair isn’t nearly as curly (or as long), but I do find it fun for my hair lady to straighten my hair…because usually I do nothing to it but add a little product to de-frizz it and make it remain calm throughout the day.

    And you DO kind of look like Kelly Rippa in that picture! :)

    Happy Monday! :)

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