MIMM: Exploring Louisville

You know how if you live in a city for a while, you stop exploring it?

Lucky for us, we have a couple of really good friends who stay on top of happenings in Louisville.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is a cop, so he tends to know what is going on in the city!

Thanks to our date night with them, I found my new favorite Louisville restaurant, The Grape Leaf.

Grape Leaf on Urbanspoon

Luvy and I had eaten there before, but we had lunch.  We didn’t order the right things, and to be honest… we didn’t care for it!  Now they have completely changed their menu, and it was to die for!

Guacamole appetizer.  Delicious!

2013 07 06 19 06 00

I got the Kushari, which was so delicious.

2013 07 06 19 34 06

Luvy got the Salmon Bryani.  We could have just shared a meal!  They give so much food!

2013 07 06 19 38 06

(sorry we had already dug in when I remembered we needed a picture)

Don was a good sport and had me take a picture of his food too!

2013 07 06 19 34 02

Friends that are foodies and don’t mind my picture taking = Big Win!

After dinner, we were so stuffed we decided to take a walk.  They took us to the Big 4 Bridge.  It is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the river to Indiana.

2013 07 06 20 34 28

Luvy and I have been wanting to come walk the bridge for a while now, so this was perfect!

2013 07 06 20 34 10

Sometimes when you live in a city, you forget how pretty it is.

2013 07 06 20 32 00

2013 07 06 20 47 41

2013 07 06 20 49 32

Us.  Isn’t Luvy handsome??

2013 07 06 20 50 01

Don and Traci

2013 07 06 20 50 53

Traci and me

2013 07 06 20 32 10

This long weekend was absolutely marvelous.  I’m really not ready to go back to the real world!

Happy Marvelous in My Monday friends!

What did you all do this weekend?

Do you like to explore the city you live in?  

What’s the best thing in your city?


  1. says

    I love finding new places to eat in Louisville. We have lived here ten years and I am discovering all kinds of new places to go (food and otherwise)! I love the new walking bridge. The view is absolutely gorgeous and I think it gives our city something just a little bit extra special.

  2. says

    Glad the four of you had such a great time adventuring around your city and just taking in the scenes. those always make for the best kind of days :)

  3. says

    FUN!! and i totally know what you mean about stopping exploring the city you live in. when i went rock climbing the other day i was surprised i hadn’t been before, especially since it was literally 5 minutes from my house! come to st louis so i can explore my city all over again! :) :)

  4. says

    Looks like fun! I love that they served guacamole with veggies! You don’t see that too often do you!?! We always try to find a new restaurant but since I’m uber picky, we also always go back to ones I know I like. I try to be adventurous sometimes…

  5. says

    I love when we have those moments to remember being a tourist in our own cities. I think we so often take for granted where we are so it’s a nice reminder to enjoy those little thing that make our city what it is. Glad you guys had a good weekend!

  6. says

    Thanks for the beautiful photos of the area. How nice to see somewhere new. Well, I live in a “town” a really small one, but I will say when I started walking it more with my senior dog I saw things about it I never knew.

  7. says

    Sounds like a fun date!! We’ve lived in our city for almost 14 years and checked out pretty much everything it has to offer!

  8. says

    How fun! I totally know what you mean about getting too comfortable in your city. Thank goodness for friends who are on top of things! That bridge is beautiful and looks like there are some breathtaking sights. So glad you enjoyed the long weekend!

  9. says

    Gorgeous pics! I just love our city. Ok, it sounds like you and I need to go to the Grape Leaf! (I can’t remember if that’s the place we had talked about?)
    I haven’t walked on that bridge before, but I’m sure it’s amazing!

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