Marvelous In My Monday #15

What a better way to kick off the week other than Marvelous in My Monday.  

I am so thankful to Katie for starting this, because to be honest my Monday isn’t so marvelous…. stupid insomnia.  I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30am.  I laid in bed wide eyed and bushy tailed.  I will be paying for that today!

Unplugging on the weekends has been a wonderful thing for me!  It makes the weekend so much more marvelous!  I pre-write my Saturday Get Fit With Me posts on Fridays so I never even have to turn on the computer!  

In case you have missed any of the Get Fit With Me Posts, here they are.  I must say… they are pretty marvelous!

YouTube Strength Videos


Core and Abs

Friday, I had appointment after appointment, so I was a crazy woman!  That night, Luvy saved my day by planning an awesome movie date night!  I have been wanting to see The Lucky One since I saw the previews months ago!  Luvy is so sweet that he brought it home for us to watch!!



I love romantic movies, so I of course liked this one!

Saturday, Luvy went to the farmers market for us and picked up this guy:

Photo 17

I love cushaw!!  I can’t wait to make my Cushaw Stew with it!!  Besides, it is so huge I will have extra to freeze for later… marvelous!

Also, my good friend Laura recently got a new job, so we went to Simply Thai to celebrate.  Simply Thai (St Matthews) on Urbanspoon

Photo 20

Per usual, I got the Green Curry.  Both of us liked our food, but we agreed that Thai Cafe is better!  All but the big creepy Buddha that is in Thai Cafe…  Nothing against Simply Thai, the service was great, food was good, and the atmosphere was wonderful!  We just like the food at Thai Cafe better.

Photo 21

Laura and I always have a marvelous time together.  

Photo 19

That night, Luvy and I watched the Tennessee game.  I’m just going to forget the second half of that game…. we played well during the first half…I’m just going to focus on that!

Photo 17

Sunday was a relaxing, yet emotional day.  Luvy and I have so many things going on that I haven’t been getting much sleep.  

There is a reason behind the insanity and the insomnia, but I will share that in time.  There are so big changes coming for Luvy and I in the next few months.  Stick around for tomorrow, and I’ll share one of them!

What was marvelous about your weekend?

Do you ever struggle with insomnia when you have a lot on your mind??


  1. says

    Oh that cushaw looks good! I love any type of squash ha ha.
    I can definitely feel you on the insomnia. I’ve actually suffered from stress induced insomnia, since I was about 4 years old; so I’m quite used to it. But, it is never ever fun when you go through periods of it. Like I am now. Especially with the increase of calories, I’ve been insomniac overload. Hopefully you can get in a nap today:)

  2. says

    hmmmm the suspense is ALMOST killing me lol :) I’ve never had cushaw, I wonder if that is something that just isn’t available where I live? Maybe someday! Hope you get through your day ok!

  3. says

    Hello love! I had never ever HEARD of Cushaw until I went to tour Jefferson’s garden at Monticello and they were growing them and told us that often commercial canned pumpkin is actually cushaw squash. I’m so impressed that you already have a recipe for it. :)

    Now I am craving Thai food…

    PS I want to see The Lucky One simply because I love Zac Efron. I am not ashamed to admit it.

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