Living Unattached and Freely

I have great news!

Baby D has learned to swat at things!!

2014 05 02 11 06 43

I have some not so great news… Baby D has learned to swat my phone out of my hand!

2014 05 12 13 29 12


But honestly, how can you get mad at that cute face?

2014 04 28 13 35 26 1

Until I get my replacement mailed to me, I am unreachable by phone calls.  I can text from my ipad or facetime from the ipad, but that’s it.  There won’t be any instagramming, tweeting, or reading blogs on the phone for the next few days.

I won’t be checking my emails during the day, or looking to see what time it is.

2014 03 14 11 28 08

Honestly, it is less stressful.  I’m going to have real “office hours”.  I’m going to unplug and enjoy it.

I’m going to live… unattached and freely.

I never want to be tied to my phone, but I think I rely on it more than I should.

Social media for me is fun, but it should never take the place of face to face interaction.

For the next few days, I’m going to enjoy being phone free… or at least try to enjoy it!

It does kind of drive me bonkers that I can’t tell what it means every time my phone dings… but I found a solution to that!  I turned the ringer off.  :)

So far, I have enjoyed not having my phone.  I haven’t checked IG, twitter, or emails since this afternoon.  Plus, I went to the gym and enjoyed my workout without checking the clock 30 times. I just went, took my time, and enjoyed it.

I feel less stressed, less anxious, and more free without my phone.  Who knew???

Have you ever had to go without your phone?

Do you feel like you are tied to your phone?

Do you feel like you live more freely without your phone always being around?


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    It’s funny, ever since moving to Kuwait I rarely use a phone. I actually told Joshua I didn’t need one. However, I guess he was worried about a silly thing called an emergency? Haha!

    Can we please skype soon? We have lots to catch up on my dear!

  2. says

    My over attachment to my phone has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve even tried a time or 2 to leave the house without it. At first, I felt like I left the house without my pants but I did notice I’m more in tune with life details without it.

  3. says

    I definitely think as a society we’re more attached to technology than we should be…but I rarely do anything to stop it on my end. I do try to focus on people and events rather than my phone, but when I’m at home I am almost always on the darn thing!

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    Honestly, there are times when I leave my phone at home accidentally and I do really like it. I’ve pulled way back from all forms of social media recently. I really needed to focus on life in the here and now. Enjoy your time with work and your beautiful family. Enjoy being unattached! :)

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    I definitely feel like I rely on my phone a little too much sometimes… especially since it’s basically the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. Oops 😳 But then there are times where I completely ignore it, so I guess it balances out?

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    This is a little gift wrapped up in a temporary annoyance. I remember when having a phone was legitimately for safety purposes (when I learned to drive) or only used to connect with people when you were meeting out somewhere (my use for it in college)…or ‘free’ long distance. :) I was just talking to friends this weekend about how much less I use social media in some ways–at least blogs–and that the phones can become a crutch and an annoyance. I do love instagram–as you know–but I try to still be present, and don’t need to post photos immediately after I’ve taken them. I, however, do get annoyed when I see a hundred phones popping up in the middle of classes, events, or even WEDDINGS. I have a strong desire to live in the moment coupled with this weird urge to know that I’m not missing anything elsewhere.

    Huffington Post just published an interesting pictorial about the rise of smartphone obsession:

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    Oh my goodness. YES. I wrote about it in a post a few months ago. I had to get my phone repaired since the screen cracked – and I was ONLY without my phone for a few hours, but it is INCREDIBLY CRAZY how many times in those few hours I went to reach for my phone to do something.

    I rely on it too much. I need more “mandatory disconnects” in my life.

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    During the summers in college I was a counselor at camp and spent 3 months with no internet, phone, television, etc. and I loved every minute of it! So much more time to focus on the here & now & enjoy the moment :-)

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    Oops on the phone!!
    I’m more attached to my phones now than I used to be – especially our business phone. My personal one I can let go more often.
    And, I took a page from your book and completely stayed away from all electronics (except that work phone) for the past 3 days – it was exactly what I needed!!!

  10. says

    That first picture of Baby D is pretty much the cutest thing ever, he just looks so, so content! Sounds like this forced phone break has been a good thing so far! I admit that I’m totally phone-reliant and feel lost without my phone but so often it does get in the way of more human interaction! I’m going to try and be a little less phone dependent too!

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    He’s so cute!!! If we ever meet- I have to tell you about my uncle and aunt adopting their boys (now 30 and 25). Just a reminder! I’d actually love being away from my phone.

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