It is HERE!

It’s Friday?!?!

Wow… It is here.  I kinda can’t believe it.

Althought this is just the beginning of the dissertation, this prospectus hearing is a huge hurdle that Luvy has to get through in order to continue with his dissertation.  I’m not really sure how I feel.  Relieved…proud..nervous..proud..anxious…extremely proud!!

I didn’t sleep well again last night.  I have been having some crazy dreams.  Any of you do that??

Anywho,  I jumped out of bed this morning after I realized that it was really Friday.  It took some convincing my brain.  I don’t function well first thing.

I came in the kitchen and whipped Luvy up some plain Chobani with fruit, Xagave, and Love.

IMG 1532

I had to make sure he was well fueled.  :)  Then, I made myself a huge bowl of oats in one of my new bowls. I needed some comfort food this am.  I’m eating my nerves.

IMG 1537

Last night, Luvy let me pick out his tie.  Of course, I picked out one that I had bought him.  I tried to get him to wear his purple paisley tie, but he wouldn’t go for that.

IMG 1533

I’m unsure why???  😉  I think he looks pretty darn handsome!

Lucky for me, I have some appointments and errands to run while I wait for Luvy to get done with the hearing.  Hopefully I won’t dwell on it.  I know he is ready.

I’ll be back with an update either today or tomorrow so stay tuned.  Until then, I’m off to make myself busy!  :)  Or call Luvy’s mom… she will be thinking of him too right now!

What do you all have planned for this weekend?

What helps you all when you are nervous for someone else?

Has anyone else been having crazy dreams??


  1. says

    Best of luck to your husband and gosh, don’t they (husbands) always look so handsome when they are in suits?

    My dreams have been all over the place lately, but they do mean that I’m getting quality, deep sleep, so I’ll take it!

  2. says

    Whenever something big is happening the next day (or I have to travel) I cannot sleep at all! Good luck to your hubby..I will be thinking good thoughts.

    PS He should have gone with purple paisley. Just saying. 😉

  3. says

    Purple paisley…LOL.

    I DO get nervous for people I care about like that. It is amazing isn’t it?

    I am a pretty poor sleeper anyway, and then sometimes strange dreams can make it even more challenging.

    We should hit upper 80s – 90 out here which for WA is a heat wave. So this weekend might be slow moving.

  4. says

    Good luck to Luvy!!
    Oh my gosh I’ve been having crazy dreams as well! I mentioned it on my blog today as well haha. They have been just ridiculous.

  5. says

    Good luck Luvy! Cannot wait to hear how it all went :] I agree that he should’ve went w/ the purple paisley though, haha.

    I can never sleep when something exciting, or important is happening the next day or two. No big plans here.. were having sandstorms :[

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. says

    Well, since I’m catching up and reading backwards, I already know the ending to this little story…yay for Luvy! I know you are so so proud of him!

    Whenever I’m nervous for somebody else, I pray. I’m not really much of a prayer for myself…something I need to work on…but for some reason it just feels like once I say amen, it’s lifted out of my hands and there’s no longer a reason to worry. For myself on the other hand, whenever I’m nervous/worried, I get in the kitchen…or clean! Nothing like a full belly AND a sparkling house to get your mind off things! :)

    I have been having the CRAZIEST dreams lately! Two days in a row…they don’t make ANY sense at all, but it feels like it’s nonstop the whole time I’m asleep!

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