Happy New Year! Taking a Look Back at 2012

Happy New Year!

How many of you actually made it until midnight??  I barely did!


We were in our jammies all night waiting for midnight.  We watched some Amish Mafia while waiting.  Who knew the Amish were so hardcore??  Crazy stuff there…

The New Year always makes me think about what has happened in the past year.  I love to look back and see all the blessings Luvy and I have received.  In fact, I don’t even mind thinking about the failures of the past year, because they are just life lessons that make me wiser.  Right?

I think many times we jump into a New Year, make a ton of “resolutions”, and expect our lives to change overnight.  Now, I’m not against resolutions, but I think that it is important to reflect back first.  I like to look at my life over the past year, see what I need to improve upon and then make resolutions.  Plus, you can learn so much from just looking back and reflecting.

2012 was a BIG year for us.  I started doing a “Best of” post in October and I really love doing those posts.  It helps to look back and to reflect on each month.  Going forward, I think I will continue this in some form.

Here are some of my favorite things from 2012:

April- I decided to turn my “online journal” into a blog and get more involved in the blog world.

May- I attended Blend and met some wonderful new frriends!!

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Luvy and I celebrated 4 amazing years together!

June- Seista Key Vacation


I shared my Journey Towards Health

July- 4th of July Bash

Celebrating my 27th birthday

Img 1429

I got D&D redesigned and moved to being self hosted by Zesty

Nashville Getaway


Ausgust- Celebrating Luvy’s 30th!


Redefining Fitness post

September- Luvy accepted a new job at Southern Seminary

My First Vlog

October- Running for A Cure


Favorites of October— this was a great cooking month!

November- Luvy got his PhD!

I took and passed my comprehensive exams.

Photo 4

Accent Vlog

Thanksgiving with family!

Photo 4

Favorites of November

December-  Luvy graduated

IMG 1770

I graduated!

IMG 1791

What is “Fit”

Christmas 2012

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These are just my personal favorites.  I didn’t include my favorite food and fitness posts!

We had a busy year!!  I can’t wait to see what God brings in 2013!!

One of the biggest blessings of 2012 was deciding to get involved more in blogging.  You all have no idea how  much you mean to me.  All your comments, encouragement, tweets, etc make my day.  Thank you.

Of course, I blog for myself but I always have you all in mind.  I love feedback, so feel free to let me know what you would like to see more of in 2013!

What sticks out to you about 2012?

Do you like to reflect over the past year to see what you learned and how far you have come?


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    You had such an incredible year Brittany! It’s so fun to look back at things this way. I always tend to see the blessings of the year not the mishaps, I guess it’s better that way anyways, right?!

  2. says

    I totally agree with you…even the failures help us grow. But what an amazing year you have had!

    I have reflected a lot more over the past couple of years than normal. I am big in not dwelling, but i do like to learn from decisions I have made.

    So glad I found you!

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    I love that you had such an amazing year in 2012, Brittany! And I love, love, LOVE that you decided to get more involved with blogging because hearing your thoughts and being able to follow you on your journey has been a real pleasure :) I hope that 2013 is even more amazing for you <3

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    I just found your blog through the FFA link love, looks like you had an amazing 2012! 2012 was my first year running and blogging, I cant wait to see what 2013 brings for all of us!!

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    Happy New Year, Brittany! So many wonderful memories here. Glad 2012 was so good to you and Luvy! I started blogging back in May, and it sure has been a rewarding, challenging at times, and fruitful experience! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me and Tim in 2013. We will celebrate our 6 year anniversary! Wow..time sure flies…

    • says

      I started it a year or so before blend just as a journal for family and friends in TN to keep up with us, but right before blend I decided to turn it into a “blog”. It was a whirlwind and I’m so glad that I took the plunge! It was such a blessing getting to meet you at Blend!! Your friendship has been a huge blessing this year!

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    Hi again, Brittany. Sounds like a really laidback New Year’s Eve for the two of you. One of my favourite traditions for NYE was to order in Chinese food and drink champagne together. We rarely (if ever) made it to midnight. This year, however, we went to an acquaintance’s house for dinner and the three couples (yes, just the six of us) ended up having an amazing time together (I didn’t have high hopes – not knowing the other two couples that well, without our mutual friends also being in the mix). We played pool until 3:00 A.M. while the ladies danced downstairs! I still can’t believe we weren’t exhausted. Once again, I’m reminded that when one least expects it wonderful things can happen. All the best…”Farmer Doug” @ Ladybug’s Mew in Yellow Point, B.C. Canada

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    What I love most about this post is that I was “with” you for so much of it! It seems like just yesterday we were hiking with each other at Blend…or I was forcing you to take a picture with me five minutes after we met that first night. Of course we were brought together for a reason. :) I hope one of the highlights of 2013 is when I come to visit you in a little over a month!

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