Get Fit With Me: Pilates Style

Happy Saturday friends!

This is coming to you a bit late this morning.  I decided to sleep in.  After 3 hours at my hair salon, I was exhausted last night.  #sleepdoesabodygood

Today let’s chat pilates.  I’ll be honest.  I have a love/ hate relationship with pilates.  

I used to have workouts that left me huffing and puffing with sweat dripping off of me to feel like I had “worked out”.  That is why I hated pilates.  Even though my muscles were screaming at me, I didn’t sweat… at least not like I did when I was running or doing HIIT.

After taking time off of high intensity workouts, I have come to value my pilates sessions.  They really do work!  I thought I would turn into a ball of mush after not doing burpees and all that craziness.  Pilates has kept me strong and lean through all of this.  That is where the love part comes in!

My all time favorite pilates DVD:

10 Minute Solutions Pilates Perfect Body with Suzanne Bowen.  My sis, Jennifer, gifted this to me years ago.

Photo 1


Suzanne is in Nashville.  I want to drive down and take a class of her’s sometime!

Other than that, my pilates love goes to Blogilates.

I love Cassey’s infectious attitude.  Plus, I end up sweating in some of her workouts!  She also has some HIIT workouts on there for you to do to get your heart rate up.  

My all time favorite Blogilates videos:

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Pop Pilates:

Butt Blaster

Beginner Inner Thighs

Perky Butt and Long Lean Legs

Bikini Bod 1 & 2

Bikini Bootcamp

Summer Slimdown 1 & 2

Pilates Bootcamp:

Kill That Muffin Top

Total Body Toning

You can also check out my favorite ab workouts of her’s on my GFWM abs post.

If pilates isn’t your thing, feel free to check out my other Get Fit With Me posts.

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YouTube Strength Videos

What is your favorite pilates video?

What are you doing today to honor your body?





  1. says

    ok, I have only done pilates once and it killed me. I was super sore. I wish I could do it more often, I tend to suck on self motivation. haha. I like class formats more but they are super tough to fit in with my schedule

  2. says

    I haven’t done Pilates in a long time (like WAYYY too long) so it’s definitely something I need to bring back into my life because I remember that while it was hard, I always felt like it really helped keep me trim and toned.

    And today, I’m honoring my body with rest and maybe some light yoga before bed.

    • says

      I had forgotten how much I loved pilates until a couple months ago! You should add it back in. It is a great way to keep your legs strong so you don’t get injured running!

  3. says

    I tried Pilates once, and never did it again! I had to be like 13 and it was “hard” so I stopped. I have come a long way from that 13yr old athlete though, and although I am a bit of a yoga snob, I should really do some Pilates again!! Today I ran 6miles and it was ahhmazing!! My body loved me for it.

  4. says

    I haven’t done pilates in the longest time. It was always such a great workout though. I really should start doing it again since i’m limited to very low intensity workouts.

  5. says

    Ooh! I can’t wait to see how your new hair-do!! I’m in desperate need of one myself. I LOVE Blogilates also! And like you, I thought the same thing. It turns out I won’t turn into mush if I quit doing all the high-intensity stuff. Yay! Praise the Lord ;). Thanks for sharing all the links! Very helpful, indeed

  6. says

    I love Pilates. I used to be a dancer and Pilates was developed to help ballerinas. But I have not done Pilates in ages. Way too long. I’m like you though I love to feel like I’ve gotten a sweaty workout in EVEN though I understand intellectually that I can get great results without it.

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