Weekend Snaps and Naps

by Brittany on July 21, 2014

Did everyone have a great weekend??

My dad came to visit us this weekend.  It is amazing how helpful an extra set of hands are with the little man!

Friday, I had lunch with Clare at Meridian Cafe.

2014 07 18 12 17 55

Meridian Cafe on Urbanspoon

After lunch, Baby D and I joined up with Luvy.  Baby D obviously wasn’t too impressed with what we had going on.

2014 07 18 13 32 19

Saturday, Papaw showed up, and Baby D was ready to play!

2014 07 19 15 46 00

He loves his papaw!  I completely understand why!  :)

2014 07 19 15 45 36

Daddy took Luvy and I out to Simply Thai for our birthdays.

2014 07 19 18 03 39

Luvy and I shared the Green Curry and a new to us dish, Mango Salmon.

2014 07 19 18 04 17

Simply Thai on Urbanspoon

That salmon is to die for!  I couldn’t believe we hadn’t had it before.  It is hands down my favorite thing on the menu!  My only complaint was that the piece of salmon was quite small.

On our drive, Baby D was killing “Hoo” the owl.  Poor owl’s legs aren’t going to last long!

2014 07 19 16 36 59

Baby D had his 6 month pictures this weekend!  Can you believe he is 6 months???

Guess what… he fell asleep during them!  This boy was a sleepy head this weekend.

2014 07 20 20 18 10

He plays hard and crashes harder!

2014 07 20 20 57 41 2

I’m off to enjoy my dad for a little while longer before he goes back to Tennessee!

The weekend goes too fast when family is here.

Make sure you come back tomorrow… I have a new fun series starting plus an AWESOME giveaway for y’all!

I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!

Tell me… how was your weekend?  

What is Marvelous in Your Monday?

Are you a weekend napper?


Friday Five and Favorites

by Brittany on July 18, 2014

Yay for Friday!

1. Luvy and Baby D totally spoiled me on my birthday.

2014 07 16 07 34 25

Luvy got me an apron and some Tom’s.  Before anyone gets their panties in a wad… I have been wanting an apron.  It was not a demeaning thing!

Baby D got me a Born and Raised Tennessee shirt.. with help from Daddy of course!

2. I got a special delivery in the mail from Skoop!!

2014 07 16 08 08 25

I’m so excited to try their new protein.

3. I’m on vacation or “staycation” next week.  That means if you have emailed me in the past few weeks, you will finally get a response!  :)

4. For my Cocogo lovers, shipping is now 20% off!!  Plus if you use the code delights_delectables you will get 40% off your order!

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Stock up now!

5. The winners of the PB2 have been chosen!  Congrats Becca and Kristin!  I will be emailing you!

2014 07 01 14 25 22

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What are some of your favorites from the week?

What are your weekend plans?


What Helped Us with Baby Teething

July 17, 2014
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Thank y’all so much for all your birthday wishes yesterday! It was such a great day! In case you all haven’t noticed, Baby D has 2 teeth! He cut the first one the day after he turned 5 months old, and the second one came in the next day. He wasn’t really that fussy before […]

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Year 28

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July 14, 2014
2014 07 08 17 37 27

Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope yours was much less snotty than mine!  Our weekend plans changed quite a bit as the weekend unfolded. Poor Baby D is dealing with congestion, stuffy nose, sneezing, snotting, and not feeling so well. I hate seeing my sweet baby feeling crummy. It is all a part […]

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Friday Five and Favorites

July 11, 2014
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TGIF! Aren’t y’all so happy it’s Friday?? 1. We combed Baby D’s hair out the other night. Like that fro?? We thought he looked like Kramer from Seinfeld! 2. I’m loving Bobbi’s Summer Shred.  I’m not used to doing such endurance workouts, and I’m definitely having to modify things.  However, I’m loving it.  It is […]

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Peanut Butter and “Jelly” Smoothie

July 8, 2014
2014 07 07 23 02 12

I’m so glad you all enjoyed my post/ soapbox rant yesterday. While we are all still in the holiday and vacation mode, I thought I would share my new favorite smoothie with you all. Plus, it is perfect for around the 4th.  I mean really, what is more American than the good ol’ fashioned PB&J?? […]

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