Thursday Thoughts

Hey friends!

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth yesterday, I was exhausted!

Today I’m joining Amanda for a little Thinking Out Loud.

Thinking Out Loud2

Even thought our mornings are cold, I can’t stop with this smoothie…. I mean “milkshake“!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake4

By the way, what is up with the cold again???  I thought it had turned warm out and I about froze my tush off yesterday!

Louisville Locals… don’t forget to come join me at Macy’s Culinary Council demo on April 29th at 6pm!  More details here.


I have been slamming some grape Zevia.  Can’t stop….

2015 04 20 17 45 14 1

Our renovation is still underway.  I can’t wait to get more done so I can take pictures and show you all.  We are living in a war zone right now, so there is nothing to see!  Pics to come soon..promise!

Living in the city has turned me into a coffee snob.  Since everything was all packed up, we started making coffee in the French press.  We are hooked… and no other coffee tastes as good anymore.  #spoiled

This weekend is my Barre Amped training!  It starts Friday morning, and I’m so excited to get it underway!  I know my muscles will be screaming come Sunday.  So, this is why we are doing Thursday Thoughts in lieu of Friday Five and Favorites.  I’m taking a long (working) weekend!

Find your fitness fit

Speaking of exercise, you all have had some great questions and feedback from Monday’s post!  Keep the questions coming!

Exercise and hormones

I hope y’all have a great weekend!  Be thinking of me as I do my certification.  I hope I have passing news in the next couple of weeks!

What are you up to this weekend?

Favorite Zevia flavor?

Give me some of your Thursday Thoughts!  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake with Silk Soymilk

Do you ever want dessert for breakfast or a snack?

I do… always.  Anytime I can have chocolate in a meal, I will!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake4

I needed a great snack that was Baby D friendly that tasted amazing.  Anytime I can sneak protein and healthy fats into his food is a plus. Enter Silk Soymilk!  We all fell in love with because it is dairy-free, gluten- free, and full of plant based protein.

I’m always skeptical of soy because most of the soy in foods is genetically modified.  You don’t have to worry about that here!  Not only is it non-GMO, but it has no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and it is free of peanuts and egg!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake1

I’ve also avoided soy in the past because it always tasted chalky to me, but this didn’t!  I’m telling you… I’m sold.  So are the boys!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake3

With teething, Baby D is very particular about his foods right now.  If anything needs to be chewed too much, it’s out!  Those molars are sore coming through!  I think this milkshake is cooling to his gums.  I’ve also noticed that Baby D doesn’t do so well with cow’s milk.  I’ve had a hard time finding goats milk to try, so Silk Soymilk has been a perfect substitute.

Ready for that Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake??

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake2

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake with Silk Soymilk


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup Silk Chocolate Soymilk
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter


  1. Add it all to your blender and blend!

Easy as that my friends!  Plus, the boys will ask for it again and again!

You don’t have to tell them that it is chalked full all natural protein that will keep those hanger pains away.  No protein powders needed…. just real, whole foods!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Make sure you visit Silk’s website for a coupon to try some yourself.

Do you use Silk Soymilk?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

How Exercise Affects Your Hormones

Welcome back to our Achieving a Healthy Balance series!

I used to be a distance runner.  Like, 3 miles wasn’t really “worth it” to me.  I look back and that now, and I start breathing heavy just thinking of running to the end of the street!

As women, we sometimes don’t consider how our hormones can and are affected by our exercise routines.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, amenorrhea, or chronic missed periods, affects up to 44% of women who exercise.  It is very common in runners at 24-26%.  That is a lot of us women who exercise!

Exercise and hormones

I know as a woman who struggles with infertility, I don’t want my exercise to become a barrier.  I don’t need anything else standing in my way.  So, let’s talk about some of our hormones that are affected or controlled by exercise.  We are just going to do a wide overview because otherwise it would get very detailed and way too intense!

We have already talked about cortisol in our post about stress.  When we exercise, we put our bodies in a state of stress.  Our bodies don’t know the difference between good stress and bad stress.  Regardless, our cortisol rises during exercise due to the stress of it.  We need this cortisol in our bodies to help repair the exercise-induced tissue damage we endure during our training sessions.  This helps to repair and strengthen our bodies.

In our previous post, we talked about what all high cortisol can do, but for the sake of this post I will remind you that cortisol is our fat storing hormone.  It encourages fat storage, especially around the midline.  Also, cortisol breaks down 3-5 percent of muscle proteins.  When we train too much, too many proteins are broken down.  That’s not what we are going for at all in our workout sessions.  This is why mixing up our routines, finding what works for you, and taking plenty of rest days is so important.

Find your fitness fit

The stress from exercise can also negatively affect the hypothalamic- pituitary axis (HPA).  It suppresses the secretion of GnRH, which in turn decreases the secretion of LH and FSH hormones.  This is your luteinizing hormone and your follicular stimulating hormone.  When these are suppressed, it shuts down the stimulation of your ovary.  Thus, causing amenorrhea and infertility.

Not only is LH and FSH affected, research has shown that chronic exercise and training can decrease testosterone in men and women and estrogen and progesterone in women.  Testosterone helps us to recover faster and also increases muscle mass.

When the HPA axis is affected, research has also shown that it can cause conditions such as hypothyroidism as well.  Your thyroid hormones are extremely imperative to your body.  Hypothyroidism is associated with depression, weight gain, infertility, digestive issues, and a host of other symptoms.  Studies have shown that women who go 4 days with low energy availability (either from under eating or over exercise) have a decreased T3 and free T3.

Over exercise isn’t the only way you can throw these out of whack.  Under eating and exercising, under eating in general, too much stress, and lack of sleep can also throw these systems out of order.

Eat well, exercise moderately, get plenty of sleep and rest, and your hormones will be able to regulate themselves and be in a good balance.  If you notice your hormones are out of balance from lack of a cycle, infertility, or other symptoms you may be having, I highly encourage you to talk to your doctor about changes you need to make to your workout routine and diet.

Long- term, strenuous exercise has been shown to lead to osteopenia/ osteoporosis due to lack of hormones and/or lack of calcium and Vitamin D intake.  You need estrogen to absorb calcium.  Without enough calcium and Vitamin D, your bones become brittle.  There is no age at which this can take effect.  You can start to show signs of bone loss at any age, so don’t think you are immune!  There is also an increased risk for coronary heart disease and euthyroid sick syndrome.

If you want to read about this more in depth, I highly recommend this study: Exercise and the Stress System.

Have you ever thought about how exercise affects your hormones?

How do you honor your body with your workouts?

Friday Five


I’m excited to rest and recharge this weekend.  Aren’t y’all??  After moving last weekend, I’m ready for some R&R.

1. I’m loving our new neighborhood.  I love that we get to walk as a family every night!

2015 04 14 18 53 08 1

People are always out and about, and there are a ton of kids.  Baby D is going to love playing out here!

2. With no internet, you get quite bored.  During nap time one day, I reprogramed my new phone.

2015 04 12 21 21 59

Siri now calls me “Princess”.  I like the sound of that…. ;)

3. I’m trying to pick out tile for the upstairs shower… votes:


2015 04 13 09 42 47


2015 04 13 09 41 04

What do you like??  I’m open to more suggestions!

4. I found this new tea at Trader Joe’s.

2015 04 16 10 42 20 1

Have any of you tried it?  It was quite different. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

5. I broke the news on instagram that I’m studying for my BarreAmped Certification!  I will be teaching a B. You Fitness here in Louisville.

Who wants to come join me??

In case you missed it:

We Moved!

Cooking in My New Kitchen

Join Me at Macy’s Culinary Council

Have you ever taken a barre class?

What are you up to this weekend?

Join Me at Macy’s Culinary Council

We are finally back in business here y’all!  Having no internet is great for the first day or two, but after that it is just plain frustrating.  I’m thrilled to be back with you all!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I’m excited to chat with you all today about a local event here in Louisville that I get to be a part of, and I want you to be a part with me!

Macy’s here at Oxmoor Center is hosting a Macy’s Culinary Council demo on April 29th at 6pm in the Furniture Department on the 3rd Floor.


Johnny Iuzzini, Stephanie Izard, and Louisville’s own Chef Edward Lee will be there for a live cooking demo.  They are going to show how to prepare some of their award-winning dishes for all your race day occasion needs.  You know… Derby is upon us my friends!  Plus, the best part is there will be plenty of samples to try!


I was asked to be a part of this event last year, and it was extremely fun.  Johnny Iuzzini was there last year, and he was incredibly entertaining!  I also learned so much about cooking and baking from him.  I use a lot of his tips in my kitchen today.  This year, I’m so pumped to see Stephanie Izard and one of Louisville’s own, Edward Lee, be a part!


I’m sure it is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to see what new tips and tricks I learn this year.

Also, with any purchase* of $35 or more in the Home department, receive a $10 Macy’s gift card and one of the chef’s cookbooks, which they will sign for you directly after the demonstration.

*Purchase must be made April 29, 2015 at Macy’s Oxmoor only. Gift cards and cookbooks will be distributed April 29. **One per customer, while supplies last and time permits. Macy’s gift card valid April 29th-May 6, 2015. 

Since space is limited, RSVP for this event is required.  You must RSVP at 1-877-556-2297 starting April 19th.

Seating will be first come, first served so make sure you get there early to get a good spot!  Plus, if you get there early we can chat!

For more information on the even visit here.

2014 04 30 19 55 00 1

(from last year!)

I would love for you to join me.  I know it will be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to kick off Derby season here in Louisville!

Have you ever been to a cooking demo?

Who wants to come join me??

Cooking in My New Kitchen


Just popping back in again really quick to tell y’all that I’m still alive… and still with no internet.  (Thanks again Clare for letting me bum internet!)

Since we last spoke, I’ve been cooking in my new kitchen!  I’m loving it.


We decided to put in a gas stove and range, and I really like it.  I have never really cooked on gas before, but I think it doesn’t burn as easily.  I have a tendency to walk away from boiling things…. :)


Green smoothie

Still green smoothies.  1. I’m lazy 2. I’m working= lack of time in the mornings.



Huge salad.  It was almost 75 degrees and sunny… I wanted something cool and refreshing.


Unpictured almonds and a plum on my drive home.



I made salmon, rice, and broccoli.  My first real “big kid” meal in our new house!

The salmon was on sale from Kroger, and it was absolutely perfection.


2015 04 12 23 26 03 1

Because I was feeling giddy about my new kitchen, I made some gluten free cookies.  Luvy said they are the best cookies he has ever had.  Now that my friends is a BIG compliment.  This guy knows and likes his cookies!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

A very special thanks to Jenn for the link up.

I’m feeling so disconnected from my friends here without internet.  Tell me what you’ve been up to!  

I can’t wait to read about it tomorrow.  Until then, I will enjoy being disconnected.  

We moved!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday, we had to be out of the apartment.

I had quite the helper.  I packed, Baby D unpacked.


I’m telling you… if you want to find out who your true friends are, MOVE!  We are so blessed to have had a couple of friends help us move. Otherwise, we would have never gotten it done.  We didn’t get moved out until 3am!


Talk about lack of sleep!  :)  It was well worth it though.

We are still living out of boxes, sleeping on an air mattress, and under construction.  It’s livable though, and I’m thrilled to be in our house and out of the apartment!

I am so excited to get everything settled and to make it a home.  Once we get all the finishing touches on, I get to decorate.  I’m so not a decorator, so feel free to give me your advice!

I’m looking for a tufted couch and a large area rug… any suggestions??


Since we have moved, most of our meals have been smoothies.  Our favorite right now is chocolate peanut butter.


I love my new kitchen, so I’m ready to make a “real” meal!


We don’t have internet or cable until Wednesday afternoon, so I am bumming internet from Clare.  Thankfully she lives just down the street.  Things will be quiet around here tomorrow, but I will hopefully be back on Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll have some REAL food to show you all.  :)

Next Monday we will be back to our Achieving a Healthy Balance series.  We are going to discuss exercise!

Happy Marvelous Monday!

What did you do this weekend?

Favorite places to go house decoration shopping??

Friday Five and Favorites

1. We are moving into our new house!!!

IMG 2578

We are finally done with phase 1 of our renovation, and we get to move in.  Everything isn’t completely finished, but it is livable now…. i.e. we have a kitchen and bathroom.

I’m not sure when I’ll have internet again…

2. I have been loving trying the new Drift Away Coffee’s.  More info to come on them!

2015 04 05 14 13 19

3.  I have been so exhausted this week from moving and everything else that I have been totally falling asleep super early.  Thankfully so has Baby D!

4.  We had to get new phones this week.  Luvy shattered his and he was due for an upgrade.  He took my phone (which was an upgrade for him) and he gave me his new iPhone 6.  So, now I have to figure out what all it can do!  Any help??

5.  I’ll leave you with this…..

2015 04 03 13 42 22 1


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Easter 2015

A New Normal

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What are some of your favorites of the week??

What are you up to this weekend?

A New Normal

It’s amazing how just last week my life looked totally different.

I knew that it would hit me today that I was no longer at my former job, because I’m used to working Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It is going to be a bittersweet day, because… I started my new job this week!

This new job is completely different from anything I’ve ever done before.  It allows me to combine both my dental hygiene and my master’s degree.  It is a learning curve, but I think I’m really going to like it.  

Since starting the new job, I’m trying to find a new normal.  My work schedule is different, so that changes Baby D’s schedule… and you all know how that goes…  :)


a new normal

My mornings start about an hour earlier now.  I’ve been making Vega smoothies every morning.  


2015 04 02 13 04 49 2

Sweet Potato, Lentil, Apple, and Zucchini Hot Salad.  This makes for the perfect lunch on the go!


Lemony Lentil Soup with coconut milk drizzle

new normal

This is the perfect soup for the rain we have been having!  It has been gross weather here, and it isn’t going to get any better this week.

I have been a snacking queen lately… favorites as of late: apple and peanut butter, microwave muffins, and bowls of oatmeal with nut butter.  I have been hangry lately, so I’m always carrying a snack!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

A very special thanks to Jenn for the link up.

What is your favorite snack when you are hangry?

Favorite on the go breakfast and lunch?

Easter 2015

I hope you all enjoyed the post on how Sugar Effects Your Hormones yesterday.

We are all still on a bit of a sugar high from Easter I bet!

This Easter weekend was so fun for us as a family.  We got to celebrate our dear friends’ wedding, have some quality family time, and celebrate Easter.  It was an action packed weekend for sure!

Easter 2015

Our friends, Kassie and Jeremy, had Luvy officiate their wedding and I directed it.

2015 04 03 19 04 29

I love this girl!  Isn’t she gorgeous??

2015 04 04 11 26 50

That was an emotional event for me.  I’ve known Kassie since she was in middle school (I’m dating myself here…), so it was such an honor she asked us to be a part of her special day.

It was also really great to go back to the church we used to be at and see all our old friends.

Sunday, we went to church and celebrated Easter.  Miss Clare came to church with us and celebrated Easter with us.  Baby D loves his Miss Clare, and of course we love her too!

Easter 2015

Baby D was over having his picture taken. ;)

Easter 2015

No more, Mom!!

After church, we had an Easter egg hunt.

Easter 2015

By “we”, I mean the other kids… He only hunted one egg and was over it.

He was such a big boy though!  This Easter was definitely more eventful and fun than last year!  :)

What did you do for Easter?

Does the Easter bunny come visit you?